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Fiadone from Bortoluzzi

Fiadone van Bortoluzzi - Lyklema Fine Art

Corsica is a wonderful island. When you arrive by boat you are immediately in a different atmosphere. The coastal towns, the interior, everything is equally photogenic and therefore also a source of inspiration for artists such as Patrice Bortoluzzi. The cheerful painting immediately brings to mind memories of local delights.

When you think of Corsican dishes, you quickly think of meats from the 'cochon nustrale', which mainly eat chestnuts and acorns, such as Figatellu Di Corsica (pork sausage), coppa (dried pork chop), lonzu (peppered and salted pork fillet), prisuttu (peppered and salted ham) served with Corsican figs), saucisson sec… We could also have opted for nicci (crêpes), blinis or pulenda made of chestnut flour. Or the local bouillabaisse based on fish that live between rocks. But the tastiest thing we know from Corsica revolves around the Corsican cheese brocciu. This is fresh sheep's or goat's cheese based on milk and milk serum and has been recognized by an AOC since 1998. It is used in various dishes: omelette au brocciu, beignets de brocciu, canelloni au brocciu… Below, however, is a dessert of this cheese with lemon: The fiadone.

Recipe for Fiadone

500 grams Brocciu cheese
4 eggs
200 grams of sugar
the grated zest of 2 lemons
1 tablespoon of eau de vie de myrthe

Stir the eggs until frothy
Mash the Brocciu finely with a fork. Stir this, the sugar and the grated lemon into the mixture and add the eau de vie. Stir until it is a smooth mass
Butter an oven dish and bake the Fiadone in a moderately warm oven (150 degrees) until the top is golden brown.
Serve with an eau de vie and some fresh fruit such as strawberries or figs



    Fiadone Corse

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