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'Franse' Bob ten Hoope

'Franse' Bob ten Hoope - Lyklema Fine Art

The Gooise painter Bob ten Hoope (Bussum 1920-2014) was a student at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, where Karel Appel was a classmate, and graduated with a study of nudes. He then painted, drew and created all kinds of subjects in various styles. Lively café scenes, many nudes, portraits, French landscapes, cityscapes and still lifes. His style varies from 'sur-sensualistic' to impressionistic or expressionistic.

A trip to Egypt in 1952 and 1953 had a great influence on his use of color. Finally, the bright light and sun forced him to use brighter colours. The sun often plays a leading role in his work.


Ten Hoope painted in the Netherlands and in France, where he had a studio in Pont-en-Royans near Grenoble for more than 40 years and where he can work unsupervised. 'I often continue painting until it gets dark. I no longer have time to lose, also because I feel that I am working more and more freely. The nature of the Bourne is so dynamic that I never get tired of it' The Vanitas motif is a theme in his work both at the beginning and at the end. Bob ten Hoope, however, was initially mainly successful as a painter and draftsman of portraits and nudes.

He was a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists (BBK), the Association of Visual Artists Laren-Blaricum, Artists Association De Onhoudenen and of Le Carrefour. He exhibited for the first time in 1949, in the Hotel Hamdorff, and later also in the Singer Museum.

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