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Colorfull Ravioli by Hirst

Gekleurde Ravioli van Damien Hirst - Lyklema Fine Art
Damien Hirst was born in 1965 and was the long-time leader of the Young British Artist. He is a sculptor, installation artist, printmaker and painter. Many of his works have something to do with the fragility of life, the specter of violence and death. Among other things, he showed carcasses in display cases. The title of this work refers to the harmless saturated fatty acid found in peanut oil. Hirst is fascinated by everyday fabrics. The dots are also anchored in the color theory that started with the French in the nineteenth century. Hirst never uses the same colors, but he does use colors that are close together, which fits with how we perceive. The dots show the irony of how we perceive.

Beetroot ravioli with goat cheese

              • 8 ultra-thin slices of large beetroot
              • 8 ultra-thin slices of large yellow beetroot
              • 8 ultra-thin slices of large white beetroot
              • 100 grams of goat cheese
              • Tablespoon of honey
              • Half tablespoon of finely chopped dill
              • Balsamic vinegar
              • Olive oil
              • Salt and pepper flakes


    Choose the largest beet you can find. Set your mandoline to the finest setting so that you can create almost translucent, ultra-thin slices of beetroot.
    Mash the goat cheese together with the honey and the finely chopped dill into a smooth mixture.
    Take two teaspoons and form a small ball of the mixture each time. Place a ball in the center of each slice of beetroot.
    Cover each ball with a slice of beetroot. Press the edges of the beet slices so that you get beautiful ravioli.
    Now drizzle a little balsamic vinegar over each ravioli. Garnish the ravioli with the dill and drizzle some more oil around it.
    Sprinkle with coarse pepper and salt flakes

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