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Fresh Cheese from Vermeer

Verse kaas van Vermeer - Lyklema Fine Art

Vermeer only made 23 paintings that are now known. Yet everyone knows this artist for his Girl with the Pearl Earring and the serene house scene of the milkmaid is also world famous. In his day, serious historical and Biblical depictions were more valued than everyday paintings. Vermeer made use of symbolism in his works. The thin stream of milk makes it clear that a recipe is also about proportion. The muted colors of the background of this work contrast with the bold colors of the girl's refined peasant clothing. Vermeer worked in layers. Sometimes even wet on wet. The Milkmaid (1660) inspired us to make our own fresh cheese in peace and quiet.

Verse Kaas

Making fresh cheese

2 liters of milk
Juice of 1 lemon

Wooden spoon
Tea or cheesecloth

It is important that you work hygienically and prepare everything in advance.
Heat 2 liters of milk in a pan to a maximum of 60 degrees. Then add the lemon juice. Heat to 80 degrees and stir carefully. When the curd starts to separate, it will sink to the bottom. Remove your pan from the heat. Cut the curd several times to release even more whey

When you think it is well separated, place a sieve over a large bowl and pour the mixture into it. Drain well, shake to remove all the moisture.

In principle you now have fresh cheese that you can already eat. But you can also use this cheese mass. Adding some cumin seeds or green herbs, and a little bit of salt is also very tasty. You can further process this mass into a firmer cheese. Then put the cheese mass in a clean, boiled handkerchief and tie it closed. Turn the cloth to squeeze out even more moisture.
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