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How to hang a piece of art?

Waar en hoe hang je kunst op? - Lyklema Fine Art

You prefer to hang art because you can then view it clearly. From a simple photo, a drawing by your children or a painting by a famous artist. You must be able to see it clearly and it must fit into the space and thus enrich your life. Cleverly placed works give your home a homely and warm feeling. And if all goes well, they will inspire and lift the rest of your interior.

Do you prefer classic, warm, eclectic or completely modern? How colorful can or should it be? And which painting belongs in which room? Watercolors in particular should not be hung directly in sunlight as this will cause the colors to fade more quickly. It is better not to hang oil paintings in an open kitchen because they will be discolored by the cooking fumes.

At eye level

Above all, you want to hang paintings at the right height and have the right distance from other paintings. Preferably hang paintings at eye level based on the center of the painting. In this way, paintings with many details come into their own. This is 160 centimeters above the floor to the center of the painting for larger works. If your paintings are one-third above eye level and two-thirds below, you will always have the perfect proportion.

From where you want to look at it most 

However, you do need to consider the reference point from which you view your photos. If you are sitting on a sofa or other piece of furniture, your eye level may be slightly lower. Basically, your photos should follow a reference line. This could be existing lines in the room, such as door frames or the edge of a window. So consider whether you want to view your photos while sitting - for example from the couch or standing, or while passing by. You can also distribute larger works on the wall or the area above a piece of furniture.

Go for harmony

To ensure that your interior is in harmony, the proportions must be correct. A large photo looks better above a larger chest of drawers or sofa. For a colorfully painted wall, you can choose motifs with similar colors. If you have a white wall, you can hang paintings with striking frames or mats to get a better overall look. This creates a harmonious work of art that matches your environment. And don't be afraid to. Hang different types of works and frames together.

Smaller photo frames and works of art can also be attached to the wall with an adhesive nail and stuck. This prevents holes in the wall. Special tape has been developed for this, which you can remove from the wall without leaving residue. Always use a spirit level, measuring tape and pencil to indicate on the back of the picture frame the precise places on the wall that are intended for the picture hooks. Gallery rails are the professional way to hang and arrange works. Especially if you want to change occasionally.

Place several works in a grid

In a large open space in the living room, hanging paintings in a grid works better. Before you hang your paintings on the wall, it is best to spread out your possible hanging arrangements on the floor or sketch the arrangement on paper in advance and arrange it and determine the distance. If you want to hang more works together, you can first view them together on the computer. And don't be afraid to switch things up every now and then.


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