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Peter van den Braken, Blossom

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The blossoming trees are the focus of the painting, with their delicate flowers rendered in vibrant colors and bold strokes. The impasto technique gives the petals a sculptural quality, making them stand out from the canvas and giving the painting a sense of depth and movement. A vibrant, expressive work that captures the beauty and energy of nature in a bold, textured style.

Signed lower right

Titled and numbered '97 on the reverse.

Oil on canvas

Imagesize 65 x 100 cm

Framed 78 x 113 cm

Literature: Mentioned in catalogue 'Peter van den Braken, rasschilder & globetrotter, museum Kempenland Eindhoven', at page 42.

Biography Peter van den Braken

Van den Braken (Eindhoven 1896-1979) was an admirer of Vincent van Gogh. He learned the basics of painting from Jan Kruysen. However, he taught himself many of the techniques of painting. In addition to watercolors and woodcuts, Peter van den Braken painted like a man possessed.

At the age of twelve, he decided to leave Brabant to travel around the world to Brussels, Kortenhoef, Paris, London and Rome, among others. A successful exhibition in Scheveningen in 1922 started a long series of exhibitions at home and abroad. His impasto paintings are emotionally built up from color, composition, lines and proportions are secondary. Without hesitation, he skilfully creates his work, which is sometimes hefty and impetuous. This makes them expressionist-impressionist renderings. Antoon Coolen will introduce most of his exhibitions for about ten years because the atmosphere of the paintings is in line with his own literary work.

Later in life, he spent some time working in North America, Canada and Mexico City. Back in the Netherlands, he worked in Amsterdam, The Hague, and Eindhoven and finally in Sterksel where an entire center was named after him. However, this center went bankrupt in 2020. He mainly painted landscapes (village views, cityscapes and harbor views) and still lifes, based on his memory and sketches. The painter's impulsive, temperamental and restless character ensures that his work varies in quality. Although he was a well-known artist, despite his honest artistry, he has not always received the appreciation he deserves. 

Almost all paintings by Peter van den Braken have been provided with a number, title and sometimes signature on the back. So is this one.


For sale Painting by Peter van den Braken



Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.