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Divisionistic George Morren - Lyklema Fine Art

Divisionistic George Morren

Belgian artist George Morren (Ekeren 1868-1941 Brussels) was the son of a grain merchant and received his first painting lessons in Antwerp from Emile Claus. He fled the conformist teaching system...
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Romantic Neuhuys - Lyklema Fine Art

Romantic Neuhuys

Albert Neuhuys (Utrecht 1844-1914 Locarno) had a significant influence on the Laren School, particularly in portraying the rural interiors of the Gooi region. He, alongside Jozef Isra...
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Futurist Schmalzigaug - Lyklema Fine Art

Futurist Schmalzigaug

Jules Schmalzigaug (Antwerp 1882 -1917 The Hague) was a Belgian painter and draftsman of Jewish German descent. Schmalzigaug was one of the first Belgian avant-garde artists to emerge within Itali...
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Theorist Vantongerloo - Lyklema Fine Art

Theorist Vantongerloo

Georges Vantongerloo (Antwerp 1886-1965 Paris) is internationally recognized as Belgium's foremost abstract artist and theorist. Despite his significant influence on the development of 20th-centur...
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Knight Raveel - Lyklema Fine Art

Knight Raveel

Roger Henri Kamiel Raveel (Machelen-aan de Leie 1921 – 2013 Deinze) was a Flemish post-expressionist painter and creator of ceramics and art objects. He is associated with pop art and rightfully ...
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Lady Therese Schwartze - Lyklema Fine Art

Lady Therese Schwartze

Thérèse Schwartze (Amsterdam 1851-1918) came from an artistic and affluent family. Both parents had German ancestors. Georg was born and raised in America, and Elise grew up in Germany. Her father,...
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Headstrong Jeanne Bieruma Oosting - Lyklema Fine Art

Headstrong Jeanne Bieruma Oosting

Adriana Johanna Wilhelmina (Jeanne) Bieruma Oosting (1898-1994) was a versatile Dutch artist, known for her work as an etcher, graphic artist, watercolorist, sculptor, and painter. Born in Leeuward...
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Pol Dom - Lyklema Fine Art

Pol Dom

Paul (Pol) Dom (Antwerpen 1885 - 1978 Den Haag) was born in Antwerp. After his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, he participated in the competition for the Prix de Rome for engr...
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