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Briljant Ad Arma

Briljant Ad Arma - Lyklema Fine Art

Ad Arma (Rotterdam 1953) is the pseudonym of Ad Robert Meerman, a versatile Dutch artist specializing in sculpture, graphic art, painting, and glass art. The name 'Ad Arma' is Latin for 'to arms' or 'to battle.' He received his education at Artibus, the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht. In recognition of his impressive career, Ad Arma was awarded the title of "Brilliant Artist" in 2021.

His early sculptures are characterized by robustness, while his later works have a more refined appearance. The influence of Asia is prominently present in his oeuvre. His paintings draw inspiration from his travels to various Asian countries, including Japan, India, Nepal, and in 2008, to Svalbard. Ad Arma collaborated for seventeen years with the Japanese artist Jiro Inagaki, both in the Netherlands and Japan.

A common thread running through all his work is the convergence of the past and the future in the dreams of the present, where everything becomes one. A creation by 'Ad Arma' is recognizable among thousands. The subtle boundary between dream and reality, transience, space, insignificance, oblivion, and above all, nature, serve as his constant source of inspiration. In his studio, located in the polder of Gelderland, Ad Arma prefers the dead of night to work on new creations, alone and immersed in his own world of perception.

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