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Drawer Jan Rijlaarsdam

Drawer Jan RIjlaarsdam - Lyklema Fine Art

Jan Rijlaarsdam was born into a farming family in Nieuwkoop in 1911 and later moved with his family to Hilversum, where they ran a dairy business. Jan began working at a local frame maker's shop and started painting in his spare time. Thanks to a Royal distinction, he was able to take painting lessons with Marie Mackenzie in 1932.

He further developed as an independent artist and regularly visited Amsterdam to paint. His sales improved steadily, and Rijlaarsdam became a member of the 'Gooische Schildersvereniging' and the Amsterdam-based 'Onafhankelijken' (Independents). His first post-war exhibition was organized by the painters' society 'St. Lucas'. In Amsterdam, Jan Rijlaarsdam met fellow painter Jan Korthals, with whom he would embark on various trips. He was very fond of traveling and visited countries such as Spain, France, and Morocco.

Jan Rijlaarsdam's work is highly recognizable. He painted cityscapes and scenes in cafes and bars in a lively impressionistic style, initially using a palette strongly reminiscent of his fellow townsman Breitner. Later, his work became more colorful. Notably, he had a preference for depicting the less glamorous side of urban life. Musicians, street vendors, homeless people, and prostitutes often appeared in his paintings. However, he also depicted cheerful street and beach scenes. His favorite city was Paris, where he frequently stayed from the 1950s onwards. Rijlaarsdam's later work became looser and more vibrant in color. He employed various techniques, with oil paint and watercolor being favorites. Jan Rijlaarsdam was married twice and had two sons. The painter's works can be found, among other places, in the Singer Museum in Laren.

In his impressionistic style, Rijlaarsdam captured the essence of everyday life with vibrant brushwork and a focus on light and color. His loose and expressive brushstrokes conveyed the atmosphere and mood of his subjects, whether it be the bustling streets of Amsterdam or the lively ambiance of a Parisian cafe. Through his impressionistic approach, Rijlaarsdam brought a sense of immediacy and vitality to his paintings, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the dynamic world he depicted.

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