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Isaac Israëls

Isaac Israëls - Lyklema Fine Art

As the son of Jozef Israëls, Isaac Israëls (1865–1934) was born with a passion for painting and wanderlust. They travel throughout Europe, meet other artists and visit the Salon in Paris almost every year, where they become acquainted with other painters and their techniques.

As early as 1877 he said that a studio had a numbing effect on him. He wants to see nature and make a subject based on nature. Isaac has been an outdoor painter from the start. Just like his father, it is people, preferably in action, that he wants to 'capture'. Many studies in pencil or chalk precede the paintings. From the age of thirteen he attended the Hague Art Academy, where his talent stood out. In 1881 he made a painting, 'Lesson of the Hornblowers', which was purchased by Hendrik Willem Mesdag before its completion. During that period Isaac painted soldiers and portraits.

Militaire Begrafenis - Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Later, when he painted paintings in Scheveningen in the summer, they mainly depicted fashionable beachgoers, while his father Jozef depicted the hardworking fishermen. The touch is generally also somewhat coarser and sketchier than the works of the romantically trained father.

In 1886 he 'escaped' the Hague School and Israëls enrolled at the Amsterdam National Academy, but he turned out to be 'too good' and established himself as an independent artist. In Amsterdam Israëls spent a lot of time with Jan Voerman, Albert Verwey, George Hendrik Breitner and Willem de Zwart, other members of the Tachtigers circle. The artists tried to capture the fleeting moments of city life, which earned them the name 'Amsterdam Impressionists'. To achieve the feeling of a photographic 'snapshot', they applied radical image cuts. Enchanted by the color and light of life at the turn of the century, Israëls managed to portray the dynamics of his own time in a unique way. Competition with Breitner regularly flared up, which he dealt with with jealousy and admiration. The working person begins to take an important place in the works. Through Thérèse Schwartze, he received permission to work in the sewing studios and at fashion shows of the Hirsch company to capture the seamstresses, mannequins and customers in countless drawings and paintings.

Naaisters - Rijksmuseum


Tussen 1903 en 1923 verbleef Israëls in Parijs, Londen en bijna twee jaar in Nederlands-Indië. Hij leerde ondermeer Degas kennen en maakte veel werken rond Javaanse taferelen. Isaac heeft de lichtere kleuren van de Franse Impressionisten er aan over gehouden. In 1923 keerde hij terug naar Den Haag, waar het atelier van zijn vader zijn nieuwe werkplaats werd. Tot zijn dood maakte hij daar schilderijen in impressionistische stijl.


Bois du Boulogne 1906 Rijksmuseum


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