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Leendert van der Vlist

Leendert van der Vlist - Lyklema Fine Art

Leendert van der Vlist (Numansdorp 1894-1962 Voorburg) was a Dutch painter who was taught at an early age by Andries van den Berg, Willem van der Nat and Willem de Zwart and later at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

He worked along the lines of the Hague School, but over time he distances himself from this and gray tones make way for a bright palette. It is classified as part of the Leiden School. His water views in particular are doing well. He also made many cityscapes.

Van der Vlist was fond of travel with a preference for Northern Italy. So he traveled to Verona, Venice, and through Tuscany. The works he made in Italy are characterized by a sparkling, southern light. After the war he was briefly in Karlsruhe. He lived in Leiden the longest before settling in Voorburg.

In 1938 he was the winner of the 1st prize of the Willink van Collenfonds and in 1943 he won the gold medal of Arti et Amicitiae. He was also a member of De Haagsche Kunstkring & Vereeniging Sint Lucas. His work hangs in the Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden, among others.

Leendert vd Vlist-uitdeelharing-Lakenhal
Handing out the herring-lakenhal kopie
1930 Stilleven
1930 Still life
Rond de Kaag
De Kaag



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