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New Figuration by Alphons Freimuth

New Figuration by Alphons Freimuth - Lyklema Fine Art
Alphons Freijmuth (Haarlem 1940) is a Dutch painter, sculptor, graphic artist and ceramist. He did not train until he was 23 at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Two years later he had his first one-man exhibition in the Amsterdam Galerie 845.

Freijmuth mainly works as a painter, but since the early 1980s he also started making sculptures. Freijmuth spent a lot of time with Reinier Lucassen. The two painters, both admirers of the work of René Magritte, influenced each other and sometimes made paintings with the same subject or variations on or from each other's work. His work is considered part of the New Figuration, of which he was one of the founders after the Second World War. Like-minded artists such as Reinier Lucassen and Pieter Holstein took everyday subjects as a starting point to distort and alienate reality. It was a new vision on painting out of dissatisfaction with the established views on figuration and Expressionism. From the abstraction of form, the artists of the New Figuration created a completely different visual language.

He has a wild, abstract expressionist style, with bright colors. The bright colors are applied pasty and often directly from the tube to the canvas. Yet his work also contains elements of De Stijl and constructivism (for example Constructivism with beam and branch from 1986/87). His choice of subject concerns figure representations, nude figures, portraits and self-portraits. In addition, women play an important role in his work.

His work is in the museum collection of, among others, the Stedelijk, the Art Museum, Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle and the Frans Hals Museum. From 1974 he was a teacher at the Academy for Art and Industry (AKI) in Enschede.
1973-Vincent van Gogh-Stedelijk
1972-Vincent van Gogh-Stedelijk
1973-Mondriaan en het groen
1973-Mondriaan in the green
Freimuth-Totem pole-DNB
1975-Liggen naakt; vrij naar de droom van Lucassen-via
1975-Lie naked; free to the dream of Lucassen-via
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