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Reinier Lucassen

Reinier Lucassen - Lyklema Fine Art

Reinier Lucassen (Amsterdam 1939) is a Dutch painter. Lucassen studied at the Institute for Applied Arts Education in Amsterdam. From 1960 onward, he developed a figurative painting style that combines recognizable elements from everyday life with abstract symbols and signs. His early work is seen as a European response to pop art. He is a representative of the painting movement called "new figuration," along with Alphons Freijmuth, Pieter Holstein, Etienne Elias, and Roger Raveel. In 1986, he exhibited for the Netherlands at the Rietveld Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Lucassen has consistently combined trivial elements such as comic book characters, table lamps, armchairs, and plants with large brightly colored areas and expressive elements. Since 1980, he has created smaller, more subdued works, including powerful signs built from simple dots, reminiscent of Aboriginal dot paintings. Characteristic of Lucassen's style is his integration of letter characters in a pictorial manner into the image, and he often gives his works poetic or enigmatic titles. The assemblages he creates are composed of everyday materials like wood, tin, or rubber, whose arrangement suggests a new meaning. He served as the head of the painting department at the AKI in Enschede for many years.

In 1966, Lucassen collaborated with Etienne Elias, Raoul De Keyser, and Roger Raveel on paintings in the cellars of Beervelde Castle. In 1967, Lucassen, along with Ger van Elk and Jan Dibbets, founded the International Institute for the Re-education of Artists, which produced several manifestos and projects.
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