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Two faces of Joop Kropff

Twee gezichten van Joop Kropff - Lyklema Fine Art

The artist Johan Joop Kropff (The Hague 1892-1979 Delft) was a Dutch painter, watercolourist, pastellist, draftsman, pen artist, etcher and lithographer and is considered part of the 'New Hague School'. He attended the academy for drawing education, but was self-taught in the field of painting. He lived and worked in his studio in The Hague on Goudregenstraat and exhibited at Galerie Orez, among others.

Kropff mainly painted flowers, landscapes, nudes, portraits and still lifes in a naturalistic-impressionist style. He also made some abstract works. Kropff was a member of the avant-garde Verve, Posthoorngroep (1956-'62) and Fugare (1960-'67) and the Pulchri Studio in The Hague and the Drawing Society Pictura in Dordrecht.

Kropff-boulevard scheveningen

Bron: Scheveningen Toen en Nu


He taught drawing Ars Aemula Naturae in Leiden, including to Karel Bleijenberg. His paintings are moody and dreamy. The colors are often a bit dark. Initially painted in a naturalistic style and from the 1950s made mainly non-figurative work. The special thing about his work is that there are two styles from pure Hague School work to completely abstract. Joop Kropff's work can be found in the Hague Municipal Museum, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and in the National Collection.


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