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Futuristic Willem Lenssinck

Futuristic Willem Lenssinck - Lyklema Fine Art

Willem Lenssinck (Woerden 1947) is a ceramicist, sculptor and designer and the son of a Dutch father and a German mother. He grew up in Harmelen and Utrecht. In Utrecht he attended the Academy of Visual Arts (HKU). After graduating in 1969, he worked for Royal Delft and immediately as a designer.

Since 1972, Lenssinck has worked on numerous assignments in ceramics or bronze. Lenssinck realized a large number of tile tableaus and ceramic works at schools and other public buildings. The 'horse and the machine' are favorite subjects and symbolize the technological development of the 20th century. Other themes in his work include female and guard figures and bulls; often have a science fiction-like appearance. His abstractions of organic forms are a symbiosis of sculpture and design.

Willem has lived in Langbroek since 1985 and concentrated entirely on free work in bronze and design. In 2001 he married Catherine Laimböck-Vermeulen (daughter of painter Piet Vermeulen). The estate on which he now has his exhibition space in Langbroek is also called Galerie Laimböck.

Today he mainly makes sculptures in metal and designs furniture and lighting objects with a futuristic appearance and sharp lines and shapes. He then finishes the sculptures smoothly with great precision. In addition to classical casting, he uses computer technologies to sculpt from solid aluminum and synthetic materials to make it easier to produce enlargements and miniatures. 3D as a replacement for the plaster model.

His works can be found in the collections of the British Museum, Louwman Museum, Beelden aan Zee, Museum Buitenplaats (Eelde), the IHK Hannover collection and private collections worldwide. In 1991 Lenssinck received the Pieter d'Hont Prize. A monograph about him was published in 2007.

Tile tableau-Musketon - Hooggraven
Working on a guardian
Working on a guardian
Kleine wachter
Little watchman
willem-lenssinck-1pkautomatic-galerie laimbock
Origin of species


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