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Geer van Velde, Sun Rays

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Signed l.r. with the initials

Executed around 1934


Image size 32*48 cm

Framed behind glass 49,5*65 cm 

Provenance: directly from the family of the artist

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity by Pierre François Moget

The report will be supplied to the buyer as well



Biography Geer van Velde 

Geer van Velde was a Dutch artist known for his abstract paintings. This work on paper is still a bit figurative and offers an interesting insight into the early development to his abstract style. After the wedding of brother Bram and Lilly Klökker he was invited to spend some time at the Riviera where this work probably is made; impressed by the sunlight, he paints various landscapes with the fanning light. the way he depicted these elements is already somewhat abstract. The shapes are simplified and the colors are already muted. This gives the work a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

It is fascinating to consider how this work relates to Van Velde's later abstract work. It shows how his style evolved from figurative to abstract and how his work gradually became more and more stylized and abstracted. The work on paper from 1928 is therefore an important work in the development of one of the most important Dutch abstract painters of the twentieth century.

His work can be seen in the Lakenhal in Leiden, where two other comparable works by Van Velde can be admired. The works clearly show the influence of Cubism and Expressionism, two important artistic movements at the time.

For Sale Painting by Geer van Velde


Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.