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Anton Mauve

Anton Mauve - Lyklema Fine Art

Anton Mauve was a watercolourist, painter and draftsman and was born on September 18, 1838 in Zaandam and died in May 1888 in Arnhem. Mauve was the son of a Mennonite minister. He wanted to become a painter from an early age and his father allowed him to do so provided he obtained the certificate for teaching drawing. At the beginning of his career he painted in the style of the Hague School, inspired by teachers such as cattle painter Pieter Frederik van Os, horse painter Wouter Verschuur and pleinairist Paul Gabriël. Mauve was co-founder of the Hollandsche Teekenmaatschappij, an association of watercolourists, of which Weissenbruch was also a member. The watercolor has matured partly thanks to Mauve.

Singer Laren erft aquarel Anton Mauve | Historiek
At the plow-approx. 1880 - watercolor on paper - Singer Laren

Mauve started out in Haarlem as a romantic animal painter and developed into a virtuoso 'outdoor painter', who captured the lives of the simple rural population on the spot. His atmospheric paintings depicting rural animals such as sheep and cows are best known. From the age of twenty he worked in Oosterbeek, where many artists resided. Mauve then settled in The Hague in 1871. There he briefly taught painting to Vincent van Gogh, of whom he was a cousin by marriage. Vincent also taught Jacob and Matthijs Maris, J.H. Weissenbruch, H.W. Mesdag, G.H. Breitner and Jozef Israëls. Mauve's influence on Vincent was greater than is usually assumed. Themes such as potato eaters and wood sellers come directly from Mauve.


De Torenlaan te Laren, Anton Mauve, 1886 - Rijksmuseum
The Torenlaan Laren-1886-oil on canvas-Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Mauve spent his most productive years in Laren NH, where he was one of the founders of the Laren School. It is not without reason that Laren is called 'The land of Mauve' and Mauve was considered the master 'of the silver light'. In 1887, this great Dutch impressionist won a gold medal at the Paris salon with his canvas 'The Return of the Herd'. When Anton Mauve died suddenly in Arnhem in 1888, Vincent dedicated his 'Souvenir de Mauve' to him in Arles. Son Anton Rudolph Mauve Jr. also became a painter.
Morgenrit langs het strand-1876-olieverf op doek-Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Morning ride along the beach - 1876 - oil on canvas - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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