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Dierenschilder Carl Fahringer

Dierenschilder Carl Fahringer - Lyklema Fine Art

The Austrian painter Carl Fahringer (Vienna 1874-1952) trained at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and later in Munich. His teacher included Sigmund L'Allemand. From 1898 to 1902, Carl Fahringer was a student of C. v. Marr at the Art Academy in Munich.


Fahringer married Rosina Strobl in 1904, with whom he had a son. In the following years, Carl Fahringer traveled extensively, including to Italy, the Balkans, Turkey and Egypt. During his travels he painted street scenes such as flowers and animal markets and many portraits with an impressionist touch. During WWI, he also captured the front in the trenches as a volunteer soldier. After the war, Fahringer travels to the Netherlands again every year, for example to Delft and Hoorn. From the Netherlands he also went to Java and Bali. He was fascinated by the strange fauna and the different landscapes. Initially an exotic animal painter and book illustrator, he evolved into a personally characterized impressionism.

Eventually he returns to Vienna, where he can often be found in the zoo and starts teaching at the academy as a professor. There are beautiful portraits of animals, especially from that time. His work can be found in various Dutch collections. During World War II, Fahringer served as a war correspondent in Greece. After the war he was dismissed from the academy.

Fahringer-Parrot-Im Kinsky 
Fahringer-1946-Parrot-Im Kinsky
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