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Cheek of veal by Anton Mauve

Kalfswang van Anton Mauve - Lyklema Fine Art

Mauve was one of the Hague School painters who captured various facets of outdoor life en plein air; he became famous for his heathland landscapes with flocks of sheep where the skies merge with the light of the rolling landscape. Mauve and his contemporaries also captured nature in a completely natural way, just as Potter had done centuries before them. Mauve was still Van Gogh's teacher in 1883-1888. The gray skies and the view as if it were a photo. Paintings of the backs of 'running away' cattle were cheaper than animals captured from the front. That is why we have chosen a piece of meat that is not used enough but is oh so tender.

Veal cheek on a puree of young peas

Half a kilo of veal cheek
Red wine
Bouquet garnish
300 grams of young peas
Salt pepper
30 ml cream

Salt the veal cheek an hour in advance and let it come to room temperature. Fry the veal cheek until it becomes crispy and remove it from the pan. Fry onion, carrot and add herbs in the same pan.
Deglaze with red wine and add veal cheek again. Simmer over low heat for 120 minutes until the meat falls apart like pulled pork.

Cook the peas by boiling them with salt and pepper and then puree them with some cream. Make a line on the board as if it were fresh grass. Serve with gravy and, for example, pain de Boulogne.


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