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Art is like Wine

Art is like Wine

Let's have a look at several paintings with wine as a subject. Do you recognize them all? And are you able to place them in a historical order?  Below you will find some details and an hist...
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Shark Fin van Hirst - Lyklema Fine Art

Shark Fin van Hirst

Damien Hirst is the British artist who has been influential for decades and continues to be a prominent figure. He is one of the key members of the former 'Young British Artists (YBA).' Within the ...
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Epiphany Bread by Jan Steen - Lyklema Fine Art

Epiphany Bread by Jan Steen

The Feast of Epiphany was celebrated grandly in the Netherlands in the 17th century by both Catholics and Protestants. Jan Steen created several versions depicting the Three Kings during this time....
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Wijn van Van Dongen - Lyklema Fine Art

Wine from Van Dongen

  Art, philosophy, style, wonder, enjoyment and wine are all related. See, for example, the work below by Kees van Dongen that he made for his Fauvist works. He captures the sky and the vines with ...
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Round about 'Paris-Brest' by Pol Dom - Lyklema Fine Art

Round about 'Paris-Brest' by Pol Dom

There is something magical about Paris. The city is alive and has a grandeur and charm that cannot be compared to other cities in the world. Pol Dom's work was painted decades ago but if you now go...
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Popcorn in the circus of Klein - Lyklema Fine Art

Popcorn in the circus of Klein

The circus was a source of inspiration for many Dutch artists. Including Kees Maks, Leo Gestel, Herbert Fiedler, G.H. Breitner, Gerard Hordijk and our Frits Klein depict the circus. The audience wa...
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Chicory from Helmantel - Lyklema Fine Art

Chicory from Helmantel

Helmantel feels strongly connected to the tradition of more than 500 years of Western European painting and is a fine painter. He captures ingredients and interiors with extreme precision as if it ...
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Razor clams by HKO - Lyklema Fine Art

Razor clams by HKO

Kamerlingh Onnes makes all kinds of fun drawings, watercolors and paintings that are taken from life. This includes this work by two girls who have certainly played in the surf with their rubber bo...
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