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Detailed bolster Nic Jonk

Detailed bolster Nic Jonk - Lyklema Fine Art
Nic Jonk (Schermerhorn 1928-1994 Alkmaar) and spent his childhood in Langedijk where his mother had a grocery store after the father of the house died. To the great shame of the family, he left for Amsterdam after the war. He first learned the trade of an advertising artist to earn money and spent the rest of his time drawing (model) at the arts and crafts school of Wessel Couzijn. From 1953 to 1956 he trained in sculpture at the National Academy at V.P.S. Esser. He also came into contact with the work of Henri Laurens and Aristide Maillol. In many respects he was a classical sculptor from the 19th century tradition.

Nic Jonk was crazy about the female model and was inspired in his images by predecessors such as Maillol, Renoir and Bourdelle. The precision and eye for details and nuances ensure that Nic Jonk's images are beautifully executed. The recognisability comes from the form, born from primal elements of life; the water, the earth, the sun, the woman, the whale. The images are voluptuous and often connected to a mythological representation. Water is a frequently recurring element, which is not only reflected in titles, but also in aquatic animals and wavy shapes.

In the last years of his life, when sculpting became too much for him, Nic Jonk also turned out to be a talented painter. With his graphics and oil paintings he proves himself to be a master in portraying feminine beauty. But graceful animals such as swans and horses are also depicted in a colorful whole with apparently simple lines. The fierce expressionist and especially monumental canvases evoke an association with painters such as Rubens, Renoir and Matisse.

In 1965 he settled with his wife and six children in Grootschermer in North Holland and started the Nic Jonk museum and sculpture garden. “I make my images for everyone. Everyone can experience my images.” His versatile oeuvre also consists of jewelry, ceramics and glass, steel and Perspex objects. Together with Auke de Vries and Arthur Spronken, he is one of the most important representatives of post-war Dutch sculpture.
Nic Jonk-1972-Nereïde_op_Triton-Ridderplantsoen Utrecht
Nic Jonk-1972-Nereïde_Triton-Ridderplantsoen Utrecht
Nic Jonk-1973-Vrouwe_Salto-Driehuizen
Nic Jonk-1973-Vrouwe_Salto-Driehuizen
Zwemster-1978-stadswandelpark Eindhoven
Zwemster-1978-stadswandelpark Eindhoven
Nic Jonk Museum
Sculpture in garden Museum Nic Jonk
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