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Round about 'Paris-Brest' by Pol Dom

Round about 'Paris-Brest' by Pol Dom - Lyklema Fine Art

There is something magical about Paris. The city is alive and has a grandeur and charm that cannot be compared to other cities in the world. Pol Dom's work was painted decades ago but if you now go to this roundabout on the Champs Elysee near the Louvre, you hardly see any change and yet it feels modern. Or rather, Modern classic, like our collection. Never outdated and like coming home. We have that with this painting and with Paris. And we love being there.

When we are in Paris for a visit to Drouot, for example, we like to have lunch with a steak tartare or a salad nicoise. Around coffee or tea time we indulge in pastry. The Pol Dom roundabout makes us long for a typical 'pastry' that you only eat in Paris (and Brest).

A wheel-shaped dessert that was first introduced to the better bakers in 1910 as a reminder of the Paris-Brest-Paris cycling race. It is a ring of airy choux pastry, with a crust of roasted almonds, sprinkled with icing sugar, and filled with a praline cream. It is a favorite with cyclists and fans alike and can be found in most pastry shops. There is one on the Champs Elysee that is very good, but of course you can also find them in the display case at the brasserie. You can also make it yourself by making choux pastry and baking it in a donut shape. Sprinkle with hazelnut shavings and bake. Fill with praline made from hazelnuts and half whipped cream. Sprinkle with chocolate pieces and some icing sugar.

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