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Nicoise in Villefranche

Nicoise in Villefranche - Lyklema Fine Art

This painting by Pol Dom was made in Villefranche. There is also a watercolor known with this scene, so Paul probably painted it there and the painting in his studio. The colors of the painting are, especially now, even fresher. We like to muse away from it. Sipping on a glass of rose with a fresh salad, looking out over the harbor where there is always something to see and the mountains in the background. The gentle breeze provides cooling. The ice cube in the wine too. We order lunch. For example, the classic Niçoise salad which contains at least tuna, egg, red onion, leaf (butter) lettuce, green beans, tomato, black olives and/or capers, fresh potatoes (or croutons), in our opinion, with a vinaigrette of mustard, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, anchovies, salt and pepper.

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