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Pulchri Studio 175 jaar

Pulchri Studio 175 jaar - Lyklema Fine Art

The 175th anniversary exhibition of Pulchri Studios in The Hague consists of three thematic parts: past, present and future. Of course, the Old Masters from the past from the period of the Hague School hang in the upstairs room. Paintings by these Old Masters are shown together with artworks by the current Old Masters, artist members who have been members of Pulchri Studio for 40 years or more. With works by Johannes Akkeringa, Paul Arntzenius, Johannes Bosboom, Jacob Maris, Matthijs Maris, Willem Maris, Anton Mauve, Willem Roelofs, Willem Bastiaan Tholen, Elchanon Verveer, Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch and Willem de Zwart. A must for art lovers to take a look at the Lange Voorhout. Also an ideal place to have lunch, especially in nice weather in the courtyard.

Pulchri Studio (Latin: through the study of the beautiful) is a painting society and gallery for contemporary art since 1847 in The Hague. In most cases the works of art are for sale and there are many different exhibitions and meetings for both artists and art lovers.

In January 1847, Hardenberg, Roelofs, Van Hove and the Weissenbruchs decided to establish a Painting Society for drawing from models, promoting visual arts and holding art reviews. A month later Pulchri Studio was a fact. Bart van Hove became the first chairman, Hendrik Michaël was secretary and Johannes Bosboom the treasurer. Afterwards, Jozef Israëls and Hendrik Willem Mesdag joined. The aim was to enable artists to work from models and exchange ideas during art viewings organized for this purpose. The Pulchri Studio emerged from The Hague's dissatisfaction with the opportunities for young artists and at the same time that the French Barbizon painters were putting an end to symbolist classicism.

The association still exists after 175 years and with the same objectives. That is why there is an anniversary exhibition until October 20. In addition to the many artist members, Pulchri Studio also has members who are members of the society as patrons of the arts.

Anton Mauve - Woodcutters - Aqaurel

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