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Razor clams by HKO

Razor clams by HKO - Lyklema Fine Art

Kamerlingh Onnes makes all kinds of fun drawings, watercolors and paintings that are taken from life. This includes this work by two girls who have certainly played in the surf with their rubber boats. We have an idea of ​​what they might do next. Looking for razors. We'll eat it tonight as tartare, from the BBQ or as a kind of Ceviche.

So send the kids back to the surf and let them collect the razor clams. They are still alive and a bit lethargic, but they perk up as soon as you touch them. In a container of water they open their shells like basking Russians in the winter sun. Until you pick them up and they prudishly close everything again. Even if you buy them, they still have to be alive, otherwise you will become deathly ill.

At home, rinse the 'knives' well and place them in cold water for fifteen minutes to remove all the sand. Then you choose a preparation: steaming, boiling, BBQ or grilling or as ceviche. For steaming, 5 minutes is enough, for boiling even just 30 seconds and for the BBQ we also use about 5 minutes. For a ceviche, the razor clam cooks in the pickle (further) in about 12 minutes. The choice is yours.

We finish a tartare of briefly cooked finely chopped razor clam (without the sphincter) with some lime zest and lime juice, almond oil, salt and pepper and sprinkle with coconut and almond shavings. Please serve within 10 minutes. Because the lime causes the meat to continue cooking.


We drizzle the razor clams from the BBQ with almond and garlic oil and serve them in a bunch for the whole group. We also have almond shavings and salt and pepper for the enthusiast.

We cut the steamed razor clams into pieces and serve them in their own shell with cucumber brunoise, wasabi cream and finely chopped violets. Seen by the eye also means something.


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