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Picturesque Vreedenburgh

Picturesque Vreedenburgh - Lyklema Fine Art

Cornelis ('Cees') Vreedenburgh (Woerden 1880-1946 Laren) came into contact with painting at an early age through his father Gerrit. Cornelis worked at an early age in his father's painting company. In the summer months the family went into nature to draw and paint.

In his spare time he went out with his classmate Leo Gestel or Willem B. Tholen to paint the landscapes around Woerden. Unlike Gestel, Vreedenburgh focused on the faithful representation of nature. He also regularly collaborated with the Rotterdam Gerard Altmann and the Leiden painter Chris van der Windt, from whom he also learned the etching process.

After his marriage to the painter M. Schotel, both stayed for some time in the then unknown Saint-Tropez. In the 1920s he moved again to France, and later to Italy and Switzerland. Together they had a daughter Elizabeth. Back in the Netherlands, they first settled in Hattem and then in 1918 in Gooise Laren. Vreedenburg regularly returned to Amsterdam, the city that continued to fascinate him with its picturesque canals.

His best-known "Larense" work is The pub of Hotel Hamdorff, where mainly the Laren and Blaricum painters met. In 1936 he made his farthest journey to Palestine on behalf of the magazine Panorama; he recorded his impressions in drawings and watercolors.

Vreedenburgh's smooth way of painting and the lively way in which he captured the moment was loved by both critics and the general public. He was one of the most versatile landscape painters of his time. It sold well through art dealers and exhibitions. Despite Vreedenburgh's success, it was not until 1937 that he had his first solo exhibition at Hotel Hamdorff, shortly after Wilhelmina had also purchased works from him.

Vreedenburgh was a member of the artist associations: Arti et Amicitiae, St. Lucas and Pulchri Studio. His first submission to Arti was awarded the Willink van Collen Prize. He also received the Royal Subsidy for three years in a row. Several paintings by Vreedenburgh can be seen in the John Selbach Museum in Maaseik, Stadsmuseum Woerden and the Centraal Museum. His major works fetch a lot at international auctions. Brother Herman was also a painter.

Boerin op de wasvlonder
Farmer's wife on the laundry platform
Kroegje van Hamdorf
Pub from Hamdorf
Aangemeerde zeilboot - ca 1920 - Wiki Art
Moored sailboat - ca 1920 - Wiki Art
Loosdrecht (foto via Wiki)
Loosdrecht (foto via Wiki)
Vreedenburgh-Paleis op de Dam -1927
Palace at Dam Square-1927
Stadskasteel Oudaen-Centraal Museum 
Stadskasteel Oudaen-Centraal Museum
Sluisje Woerdense Verlaat-Stadsmuseum Woerden
Lock Woerdense Verlaat-Stadsmuseum Woerden
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