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Scallops by Botticelli

St Jacobsschelpen van Botticelli - Lyklema Fine Art

Botticelli created this painting, the Birth of Venus, in 1485 and it hangs in the Uffizi in Florence, commissioned by Lorenzo de' Medici. The painting is made with tempera on canvas and measures 172.5 cm by 278.5 cm. The painting is considered an iconic masterpiece in art history. It depicts the goddess Venus rising from the sea as a fully grown woman. Not made of sea foam as in the stories from Greek mythology, but zooms in on her arrival in Cyprus, standing on a shell. The west wind Zephyros blows the shell to the coast of Cyprus. Zephyros probably carries Aura, the goddess of the gentle morning breeze, in his arms. On the right of the painting, one of the Horae, goddesses of the seasons, gives a mantle to Venus. Venus is depicted in a contrapposto position, typical of the sculptures of classical antiquity. This position assumes a stationary position, which at the same time still looks active.


Coquilles met hazelnoten en salie
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Scallops are super tasty and a little sweet in themselves. It is easy to prepare by heating butter in a (grill) pan and frying the scallops for 2 minutes on both sides. Sprinkle with hazelnut oil, some smoked sea salt and some finely chopped sage and you have a delicious dish. Garnish with hazelnut chunks. If you want some extra gravy, fry another clove of garlic and thyme in the oil/butter after you have taken the scallops out. Serve separately or sprinkle over the plate with some sourdough bread. Serve on a cushion where the scent of the sea (and the wind of Zephyros) comes out. Do you prefer almonds to hazelnuts? That is of course also possible.
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