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News — Kunstgeschiedenis

Schulman en de Larense School - Lyklema Fine Art

Schulman & the 'Larense School'

If you now walk through Laren and the picturesque Blaricum, you will see that some houses have extra large windows on both the ground floor and the top floor. There is a good chance that a painting...
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Guggenheim Venice - Lyklema Fine Art

Guggenheim Venice

Last week we were in Venice to visit the Guggenheim museum in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. What a beautiful museum. That alone is worth the trip to this romantic and surreal city. The abstract and...
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De Haagse School - Lyklema Fine Art

The Haagse School

'The Hague School' is a name for a group of painters who worked in The Hague and surrounding areas between 1860 and 1890. The heyday of the Hague School lies roughly between 1870 and 1885. Well-kno...
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De Ploeg - Lyklema Fine Art

De Ploeg

De Ploeg was founded in 1918 in response to the sedate artistic climate in the city of Groningen. The initiators included Jan Wiegers, Johan Dijkstra, George Martens and Jan Altink. Anyone who made...
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Kunststromingen herkennen - Lyklema Fine Art

Recognition of Art Movements

Recognizing a period in which a painting was made can be done by the technique used, the representation, the canvas used and even the material of the stretcher frame. In this blog we briefly discus...
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Etching - Lyklema Fine Art


In the 15th century it was discovered that an acid bites out metals and thus a representation can be made that can be used as a printing plate. A preferably copper plate is polished and provided wi...
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