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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog - Lyklema Fine Art

Art enriches life. It inspires. Brings color. Art and therefore also paintings make every room special and give it its own atmosphere. The smallest details are important here. Obviously the presentation, the originality, the medium, the size of the work, the use of color and the technique. But also, the frame, the place in the room, the height of the exhibition and the background color. 

Open doors perhaps, but if you are just delving into the art world, it quickly becomes dizzy. In this and subsequent blogs, we would like to highlight a large number of facets, topic by topic. Here too we will pay attention to originality, use of colour, grandeur and technique. We are only somewhat limited by the technology of this basic website.

We will pay attention to the carriers, the medium, frames, restoration, highlighting, etc. Later we will expand this to look at art. Art movements and of course you will receive tips for buying and selling art. Can't wait for all this information. Then give us a call and we will be happy to give a live introduction to the fascinating and inexhaustible art world.

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