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Zeebrasem & Dorade van Rysselberghe

Zeebrasem & Dorade van Rysselberghe - Lyklema Fine Art

This morning we attended the beautiful exhibition of Theo van Rysselberghe in the Singer Museum where we got inspiration from a specific painting for our evening meal. Sea bream and sea bream from the oven. Because this is a pointilist work, we will serve it tonight with pearl couscous. Depictions of fish are almost a separate category in the oeuvre of the Belgian artist who also spent a large part on the Dutch coast. He made this painting during a visit to the sea aquarium in Monaco when he was there while visiting friend Jean Vanden Eeckhout. It turns out he walked back and forth between the canvas and the aquarium to paint it. It was half dark inside. Outside he could catch the light.

Sea bream and sea bass from the oven

1 sea bass
1 sea bream
hand full of cherry tomatoes
1 fennel
2 lemons
sea ​​salt
branch of rosemary
cayenne pepper
pearl couscous

    Dorade uit de oven

    Rinse the fish and pat them dry with paper towels and cut them four times. Season the cavities with salt and add fennel greens and a lemon wedge. Mix the oil with the cayenne pepper. Cut half a lemon into slices and the tomatoes into quarters. Cut the fennel into long slices and chop the herbs finely. And rub the fish with the spice mixture, place them in an oven dish and bury them under the lemon and tomatoes. Sprinkle with salt, add a sprig of rosemary and place in the oven preheated to 180° C for 30 minutes. Serve with pearl couscous and a lemon cream sauce. To do this, mix lemon juice with cream and let it boil slightly.

    This work can be seen in the Singer Laren until 4-9-22

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