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Arie Zwart, Coastline of Nice

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This sunny painting shows old garden gates, overgrown with flowers and ivy. The vegetation of flowers and ivy is lush and colorful, creating a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere. In the distance, the coastline of Nice, southern France is visible. The view of the coastline gives the painting a sense of vastness and freedom. The colors of the sea and sky are bright and vibrant, creating a harmonious contrast to the earthy colors of the garden gates and vegetation.

Arie Zwart and his wife Leni lived in the South of France in 1951, 1955 and 1956. The painting was made during this period. The painting's palette is warmer than that of much of his earlier work, and this is due to the influence of the Mediterranean landscape. The colors of the sky, the sea and the natural environment are bright and vibrant.

Titled 'Oude Tuinpoortjes' Nice, Zuid-Frankrijk

Signed A.J. Zwart lower left, signed and titled on the reverse

Oil on canvas

Imagesize 50 x 40 cm

Frame 63 x 53 cm

Biography of A.J. Zwart

Adrianus Johannes Zwart (Rijswijk 1903-1981 Laren) made his first painting in 1915. The year before he won a box of painting materials plus lessons from Otto Kriens. At home, Arie is expected to work in his father's bakery and later a greengrocer's. They agree that Arie helps from four in the morning to go to the auction and is allowed to go to the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague during the day. He comes into contact with art dealer Koch, who acknowledge the young painter and can sell his work well.

Arie meets other artists there, such as Louis Soonius, Wim Soer and Louis Meijs. He eventually takes classes at the Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague for two years, just after the peak and time of the Hague School. Later his style became looser, more impressionistic.

From 1920 he starts to roam. First on a bicycle and then by steamer to Rhenen. He first lived in a caravan and then with the family of five in a houseboat along the Maas en IJssel. He then moored in Woerden. In between he made trips to Spain, Portugal and the South of France. Everywhere he went he made paintings and drawings. 

After his marriage in 1926, he was entirely dependent on the income from his work as a painter for his living. He was very productive and versatile. He painted many Dutch landscapes and still lifes. Although his first work had a somewhat dark tone, his further work was light and often bright in tone. His sunny works are especially beautiful.

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Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.