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Ati Emmerik, Bronze sculpture of a couple

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For Sale Bronze sculpture of a Couple on a perspex base

Inscribed with the monogram, dated and numbered 1/35 the sculpture and on the perspex base

Total Height: 13 cm.

Height bronze 7,5 cm



Biography of Ati Emmerik 

Ati Emmerik (Rotterdam 1939) lives and works in Purmerend. Emmerik studied from 1975 to 1991 in the privacy of her studio and deliberately avoided academic training. Searching for an art form in combination with an interplay of lines that goes hand in hand with the field of tension was and still is the greatest challenge for her. The creations are often abstracted figurative of characteristic simplicity and stillness. The many three-dimensional designs found their way to exhibitions and galleries in and outside Europe.