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Charles Sillem Lidderdale, Portrait of a Girl in a Lace Bonnet and Blue Cape

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For sale a painting by Charles Sillem Lidderdale 

Portrait of a Girl in a Lace Bonnet and Blue Cape

51,5 x 43,5 cm. (73 x 64 cm. (total)
oil on canvas laid down on panel
signed with the monogram l.l.


Biography Charles Sillem Lidderdale  

C.S. Lidderdale (St.Petersburg 1830- 1895, London) was a British artist whose work often focused on portraits of young women in outdoor settings. Charles was born as the eldest son of a Scottish banker who worked in St. Petersburg, and was baptized there in the Anglican Church. In the 1840s he went to England.

Lidderdale began his career as a portrait painter in the mid-1850s and first exhibited at London's Royal Academy of Arts in 1856, where he exhibited a total of 36 paintings in the following years up to 1893. In 1858 he married Kazie Morris at Pancras in London. The couple had a son and three daughters in the following years. The painter was a member of the British Institution art association and the Royal Society of British Artists. His career was marred by eyesight trouble so he had to give up watercolour, a medium more exacting than oils.