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Christiaan Lodewijk Willem Dreibholtz 'A seascape with a town in the distance'

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Sold Painting by Christiaan Lodewijk Willem Dreibholtz 

A Seascape with a Town in the distance

signed 'Dreibholtz' l.r.

oil on panel 

Imagesize 30.8 x 42.7 cm. (12,12 * 16,8 inch)

Biography Christiaan Lodewijk Willem  Dreibholtz

Dreibholtz (Utrecht 1799 - Utrecht 1874) was a Dutch 19th Century painter born in the centre of the Netherlands. He painted mainly sea-, river and beach views in a Romantic, detailed, style. More than half of the painting is about the sky. You can feel the sea is turbulent so little boats that bring sailors to the butter are having a hard time. Driebholtz lived in Dordrecht and The Haque a.o.. Most probably this beautiful cleaned painting was made when he lived and worked in the latter. Dreibholtz travelled a lot for example to England and France where he studied the techniques of the local artist.