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Cor Noltee, A day at the beach along the Merwede, Dordrecht

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For sale painting by Cor Noltee

'A day at the beach'

Signed and dated '47  l.r.  

Oil on canvas


Biography Painter Cor Noltee

Bernardus Cornelis Noltee (nickname Cor) was born on May 25, 1903 in The Hague and died in Dordrecht on January 2, 1967. Cor Noltee was a draftsman, painter and watercolorist. He belonged to the last generation of Dordrecht impressionists (with Steef Wijnhoven, Cor Thomas van Heck and Wim Jansen) and was sometimes referred to as the Dordrecht Breitner. He painted and drew in a naturalistic-impressionistic style, landscapes, river views, cityscapes, portraits and genre scenes. He painted in a self-confident, robust style. The influence of the Hague School is evident in his work. At the end of his life he developed into more expressionist.

Noltee as a restless and unconventional bohemian; a role he gladly accepted and sympathized with communism. He was a friend of nature, selfish, boastful, good billiards player, cosmopolitan and a great draftsman and painter, according to his student Kraus at an exhibition about him in 1973 in Dordrecht. Cor was the second child in a working-class family; his father was a carpenter. A longer biography can be found in our Dutch blog.