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David Cheepen, Judgement Day

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Signed D. Cheepen and dated " 7.7.76 l.r.

Acryl on board

Imagesize 20,5 x 22 cm

Framed 21,5 x 23 cm

Biography David Cheepen

Cheepen (1946-2016) was a self-taught artist. David slowly developed his own method of combining precise draughtsmanship with meticulously applied acrylic paint. Clearly delineated elements derived from the external world, from memory and from imagination, resulting in symmetrical compositions.

Each painting required over two hundred hours of patient concentration.The subject matter or content of David’s work has always reflected his various and successive extra-painterly pre-occupations. In it, he has addressed social, ethical and ecological issues and the nature of consciousness and perception.

In the 1970’s, while living in Hertfordshire, David’s paintings expressed his concern for the fate of the planet and his love of animals, especially cats. The work Judgement Day is an example of that expression.

Since 1967, David Cheepen’s work has been shown in over eighty mixed, group, and one-man exhibitions in Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Italy and U.S.A. From 1975 he has been a regular exhibitor at London’s Portal Gallery (Britain’s pre-eminent showcase for self-taught, ‘naïve’ and ‘idiosyncratic’ artists), where he has held eight solo shows. He has also undertaken many private commissions. Over four hundred of David’s paintings, drawings and prints are now in private collections in many countries.

As well as having devoted himself to his painting, David has worked as an architectural draughtsman, a civil servant and a local government clerk. He studied Education at Hertfordshire University in the 1970s where he graduated with First Class Honours in 1979. He then went on to teach Art, part-time, at Watford Grammar School for Boys until 2002. Since 1980, David has conducted many adult art classes and has given illustrated lectures about his own work to schools and art societies in Hertfordshire and Cornwall.

David retired from painting and exhibiting in 2010 following a period of domestic upheaval and health problems. He continued to derive great joy and healing from long exploratory walks in West Cornwall until September 2015, when a fractured femur following a fall, curtailed such activities. ‘All things must pass’. David past away in 2016.

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Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.