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David Schulman, A view of the Brouwersgracht and Prinsengracht, Cafe 't Papeneiland

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Café 't Papeneiland dates from 1642. In the 17th century there was a Catholic secret church at number 7 at the beginning of the Prinsengracht and it was connected to the building on the corner via a tunnel. The entrance to the tunnel is still in the basement of Café 't Papeneiland. In 1896, the lower part of Prinsengracht 2 was rented to beer tapster Witmond, who started café De Blauwe Druif there. In 1918, the Hendrik de Keyser Association became the owner of the building. It was restored in the twentieth century and the café was called 't Papeneiland' after the former name of the Catholic enclave at the beginning of the Prinsengracht.

Signed D. Schulman l.r.

Oil on panel

Imagesize 32 x 48 cm

Framed 51,5 x 67 cm

Biography David Schulman

Schulman (Hilversum 1881 - 1966 Laren) lived and worked in Laren and occasionally in Amsterdam. Formed himself and painted landscapes (especially winters), village views and harbor views around the Zuiderzee in an impressionistic style. Received the Willink van Collen Prize in 1909 and medals at the int. exhibitions in Santiago (1910), San Francisco (1915), Amsterdam (1930) and Rotterdam (1936). In 1939 Queen Wilhelmina awarded the gold medal to David Schulman. Work by Schulman can be found in the National Collection and in the Goois Museum, among others. In this painting the corner of the Brouwersgracht with the Prinsengracht is painted beautiful.

For sale Painting by David Schulman 



Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.