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Eugenio Gays, Rialto Bridge with San Bartolomeo Apostolo church in the background

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Watercolour on paper 

Imagesize 29 x 39 cm 

Framed 44 x 34 cm


Biography Eugenio Gays

Gays (1861-1938) was a remarkable figure in the art world. Hailing from a noble family, he pursued his artistic education at the renowned Accademia Albertina, studying under the tutelage of esteemed masters such as Enrico Gamba, Andrea Gastaldi, Alberto Pasini, Luigi Chialiva, and, most notably, Carlo Pittara.

Eugenio Gays further honed his skills in Paris, where he sought to perfect his craft under the guidance of the esteemed orientalist Benjamin Constant. His insatiable thirst for knowledge and adventure led him to undertake extensive travels, including an expedition to explore the enigmatic depths of dark Africa.
The artist was particularly adept at capturing the essence of his subjects through watercolors. His works effortlessly conveyed the serene tranquility of fields and sunsets, the vibrant interplay of shadows and light, and the profound depth of landscapes and oriental nights. His debut at the Promotrice of Turin garnered significant acclaim, with some of his pieces being acquired by none other than the King, Queen Margherita, and the royal princes.

In 1884, Gays participated in the National Exhibition of Turin, presenting his captivating piece titled "Autumn Smiles," which was subsequently acquired by the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Recognition for his talent continued to pour in, as he was awarded the silver medal at the Colombian Exposition held in Genoa in 1892.

The widespread appeal of Eugenio’s watercolors is evident through their presence in public and private galleries across England, America, the Netherlands, and numerous European palaces. Some notable works include "An Arm of the Grand Canal in Venice," displayed at the Revoltella Museum in Trieste; "Rivara Canavese"; "Vespertine Hours in Venice," cherished by Mr. Carlo Festner of Trieste; "In the Port of Genoa"; "My Home"; "To Venice"; "April Morning"; and "Flowers."

Two of Gay’s exquisite watercolors, namely "La Marna" and "Paesaggio," can be found at the Civic Museum of Turin, further attesting to the enduring legacy of this exceptional artist.

For sale a watercolor by Eugenio Gays






Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.