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European school, market scene, painting

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For sale painting European school (20th century)

Market scene,

oil on board

signed  F. Basuya l.l.

69 x 54 cm (Total Dimensions)

63 x 48 cm (imagesize)


The painting depicts an atmospheric scene of a quiet market in a picturesque European city. The viewer has the privilege of looking down on the scene from above, creating a sense of overview and serenity.Several stalls are set up in the square, each with colorful canopies that provide a lively sight. The canopies gently flutter in the breeze, emphasizing the overall ambiance of the market. In the center of the painting stands a mother with a child by her side. The child tugs at her arm, clearly interested in something offered at one of the stalls.

 Although the market is not very crowded, the painting exudes a sense of liveliness and community. The colors are rich and vibrant, and the gentle brushstrokes give the whole scene a warm and inviting quality. This painting beautifully captures the moment of a peaceful day at the market in a European city, with an eye for detail and atmosphere.