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Franz Krischke, A Biedermeier Still life

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A painting for sale Franz Krischke 

A Biedermeier Still life typically features the every day objects arranged in a pleasing manner with the focus and textures of each items. Here we can see a clock with gold accents, hidden behind colourful flowers. A book opened on a particularly page. The pages a slightly yellowed with age, adding sense of history and nostalgia that is often associated with Biedermeier art. This paintings is an ode to the beauty of the objects around us.

Oil on panel

Signed upper right corner

Imagesize: 31 x 42 cm. Framed 68 x 60 cm.


Biography Franz Krischke 

Franz Krischke (1885 Becka, Hungary-1960, Vienna) was a well-listed Austrian still life, portrait and landscape painter. He regularly showed his works in the greatest Austrian exhibition hall "Wiener Kuenstlerhaus."