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Hendrik van Steenwijk, Fun at the Beach

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In the forefront, three young women, their white summer dresses billowing in the gentle sea breeze, are captured mid-stride, their figures infused with a palpable sense of effervescence and vitality. Their carefree laughter and spirited expressions evoke a sense of unbridled freedom, encapsulating the essence of a blissful summer day.

The azure expanse of the sea stretches out behind them, its waters shimmering in varying shades of blue, mirroring the sky above. A solitary sailing vessel, depicted as a mere speck on the distant horizon, adds a touch of poetic whimsy to the scene, emphasizing the vastness and tranquility of the ocean.

signed lower right


Image size 43 x 28 cm.

Framed 80 x 65 cm.

Biography Hendrik van Steenwijk

Hendrik van Steenwijk (Amsterdam 1864 - Haarlem 1937) lived in Amsterdam until 1890. An ancestor of the famous 17th century painter of the same name and initials who is best known for his church interiors. Van Steenwijk started his career as a stage decorator/painter and developed into a versatile impressionist. Around the turn of the century he worked a lot in Zeeland (Domburg and Westkapelle), among others with Jan Toorop.

For his 70th birthday, the Frans Hals Museum organized a solo exhibition. From 1914 he settled permanently in Haarlem, where he also died in 1937. He traveled a lot to Norway and the influence of the Northern Lights can be seen in his oeuvre. You can also see the fairytale atmosphere of Hans Cristian Anderson in his works. However, the dream of the Norwegian landscape has never faded in him', wrote the Haarlems Dagblad on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. 'He was and still is a tough worker who lives entirely for his art.' This pastel has been well preserved and the colors are still as sparkling as on a summer day (probably in Zeeland)

For Sale Pastel by Hendrik van Steenwijk 


Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.