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Oscar Pinheiro, Children playing near the Louvre

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SOLD painting by Oscar Pinheiro 

Children playing near the Louvre

Oil on canvas 13,11 * 16,14 inch (33,3*41 cm)

Signed l.l.

Framed 17*20,5 inch (44*52 cm)

Known is that Pinheiro was born in Portugal at the end of the XIXth century, he arrived at a young age to France and spent most of his life depicting the Parisian Belle Epoque. Pinheiro excelled at portraying elegant ladies shopping along the Grands Boulevards, lively city streets and the grand Parisian monuments like the Louvre and Versailles. 

Pinheiro painted with pastel tones and not with too much detail to create an overall harmonious composition that allows the eye to move effortlessly across the canvas. The painting seems carefree and breathes an atmosphere of ease and harmony.