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Peter de Graaff, De Bibliotheek van meneer Cocoanuts

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For Sale Large Painting of Peter de Graaff

De Bibliotheek van meneer Cocoanuts

oil on canvas 78* 106 inch (198 x 270 cm)

signed, titled and dated 1994 on the reverse

Framed 84*112 inch (214 x 284 cm)


Biography of Peter de Graaff

Peter de Graaff (Utrecht 1961) is a real artist and liked to experiment with his works. The interior plays an important part in his paintings. The starting point is often a photo of historic interiors that are used as a first draft. Layer by layer, he builds his painting so that the view from one layer to the other remains visible. The painterly interventions are equally diverse, playfull and and light-hearted. He exposed at  Museum Voorlinden,
 Berger in  Amsterdam (NL),  Lecoutre in Knokke (B), Lorre , Dendermonde (B), Franken in Parijs & Reims (F) among others. This giant work is ‘the library of mister Coconut’. It fills the room with inspiration and imagination.