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Piet van Boxel, Strolling along the beach

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Spring is coming! A few people sit on a bench along the path to rest and enjoy the view of the sea. In the distance Scheveningen can be seen with some characteristic buildings. The sea itself is also visible and appears to be relatively calm with some small waves rolling ashore.

The watercolor is painted in soft and bright colors that match spring, with pastel shades that seem to reflect the sunlight and fresh sea air. The painter has worked with a light touch, so that the paint almost seems to dance on the paper. The effect is that the scene looks lively and airy, like a snapshot of a beautiful spring day on the coast.

Signed and annotated l.r.


Image size 35 x 55 cm

Framed behind glas

Biography Piet van Boxel 

Piet van Boxel (Rotterdam 1912-2001 Den Hoorn) is a 20th century impressionist. He made a lot of work around the South Holland lakes and the beach area around The Hague and Rotterdam. He was an impressionist and wanted to catch the light. He was educated at the academy of Rotterdam by J.G. Heijberg, student of Breitner. He made several study trips to sunny Spain and the South of France. He knows how to capture the Dutch muted colors and gray light in his landscapes. Van Boxel also made still lifes, cityscapes and portraits of Scheveningen women and craftsmen.

He painted still lifes and kitchen pieces, often with a Persian carpet, tablecloth, bowl of fruit, Cologne pot, copper kettle or an earthen jug, mainly commissioned by the art dealership Gebroeders Koch.

To master and refine the watercolor technique, Van Boxel studied from the 1960s the incident light and the ever-changing light reflections on objects in order to understand the nature and materiality of materials and objects. He experimented with fixing and moistening the watercolor paper to evoke a transparent, hazy and intimate atmosphere. His works evoke a special romantic atmosphere due to the extensive range of shades that hang over his watercolors like an atmospheric blue-grey veil. Piet van Boxel died in 2001 in Den Hoorn (Texel), where he lived since 1991 with his wife Guurtje Zuidewind.

For sale watercolor by Piet van Boxel


Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.