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Theo Swagemakers, A still life with peonies and Irises

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For sale a painting by Theo Swagemakers

Theo Swagemakers (Tilburg 1898-1994 Laren) was a Dutch artist known for his vibrant floral still lifes, combining beautiful colors and a refined sense of composition. This flower still life of irises and pink peonies is a lively and colorful work.

In a vase we see lush pink peonies, with soft petals that seem to flow into each other. The pink color is very intense and is beautifully interspersed with elegant irises, which in turn form a beautiful contrast with the pink flowers. The irises are upright and their petals are a deeper blue-purple color.

Oil on canvas

50 x 40 cm.

Signed and dated '33 l.l.