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Willem Borgh, Faces in the Audience

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In your face. A bunch of people staring at you. It is really intens, not only because of the blocky way of depicting these people perhaps remembering some other people. But also of the color scheme and big eyes.

Signed and dated Willem Borgh 1982 lower middle right 

Signed and dated Willem Borgh Gouda 1982 on the reverse

Oil on canvas 

Image size 70 x 70 cm

Framed 75 x 75 cm


Biography of Willem Borgh 

Willem Borgh (Rotterdam 1925 - 2003) knew as a boy he wanted to be an artist and started at the age of 16  his study at the Royal Academy of Art in Rotterdam, the same institute where a.o.  Kees van Dongen en Hendrik Chabot etc. followed their art training. After the Academy Willem got private lessons from such well-known artists as Marius Richters and Herman Bieling. Originally Willem Borgh wanted to be a sculptor.  His sculptures are made of wood, ceramics, stone and bronze. Before the sculptures he often made drawings. Having these drawings he decided to also make paintings. After the army, he combined being an artist with a job in a laundry company. Willem Borgh had many commissions from Official Bodies and Cultural Institutions for his paintings and sculptures, including a wall painting in the Football Stadium of Feyenoord in Rotterdam. He had many shows in Holland.

For Sale Painting by Willem Borgh


Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.