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Willy Fleur, A flower still life with East Indian Cherry

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This beautiful still life  by Willy Fleur depicts a small pot with an East Indian cherry plant inside of it. The pot has a simple, rustic appearance. The East Indian cherry plant itself is depicted in bloom, with colorful flowers and green leaves.

The composition of the painting is simple, with the focus primarily on the cherry plant and pot. The neutral background helps to highlight the colors of the plant and pot. The overall feeling of the painting is warm and inviting, with a sense of natural beauty and simplicity. The painting can be interpreted as a celebration of the natural world and the beauty of plants and flowers.

Oil on canvas

Signed Willy Fleur upper left corner

Image size 35 x 30 cm

Framed 45,5 x 40,5 cm

Biography Willy Fleur

Johan Willem, or Willy, Fleur (1888-1967) was born in Markelo (east of the Netherlands) but spent his early childhood in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and ultimately The Hague. He received a thorough painting education at the academies of Rotterdam and The Hague during the rise of impressionism. He painted in a colorful, impressionistic style with a bold mix of warm and bright colors; he actually used more color than contemporaries. He lived up to his name with many colorful works. Not a flower or plant seems to be missing from his work; he has painted them all at some point, almost always with the characteristic fresh green leaves as his signature. He was simply subtle and precise in his expressions. It was about the composition, the color and a lifelike representation. Fleur is known for its consistently high quality.

Willy came from a Dutch East Indies family and his grandfather and father were meritorious civil servants in 'the East' for many years before his birth. He left behind a wide oeuvre and, in addition to his flower still lifes, is best known for his tropical birds and fish, portraits, landscapes and city and beach views. In the still lifes you often come across Asian objects such as porcelain, such as Japanese imari pots, and Chinese dolls and silk fabrics that emphasize his origins. For his landscapes, the Westland was literally and figuratively his backyard and inspiration.

The family had little income, especially during the crisis of the 1930s and the war. Much of his work acquired an owner through the Koch art dealership in Rotterdam. He also went door to door to sell his work, despite the fact that his work was already frequently shown at exhibitions at the time. Since its founding in 1917, he has been an active member of the Dutch Art Circle in The Hague and exhibits there regularly. He also has exhibitions in the Stedelijk Museum and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, in the Koninklijke Kunstzaal Kleykamp and, even very frequently, in the Panorama Mesdag in the same royal city; Emma and Wilhelmina both bought a painting from him. His works can be found in the Katwijks Museum, Westlands Museum and in the National Collection. Much of his work is dated and signed with a pronounced y and F. In addition to a Vermeer and Van Gogh gladiolus, there is also a Willy Fleur Gladiolus; the greatest honor he had received.


Sold a painting by Willy Fleur


Shipping within EU for free. Outside EU Approx (if size is < 100 cm) € 100.