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Carpaccio of citrus fruit by Zuburan

Citruscarpaccio van Zuburan - Lyklema Fine Art

The Spanish artist de Zuburan is best known for his portraits of saints. Yet this is also a masterpiece due to the symmetrical arrangement of household objects. The painting is tranquil. All senses are stimulated with the exception of hearing. The hard surface provides a nice contrast. The colors are extremely soft and the composition very strict and humble. The lemons symbolize Easter, the orange blossom chastity and the water purity and the pink virginity. Zuburan would have wanted this work to depict the Virgin Mary.

Citrus fruit carpaccio with burrata

1 Spanish orange
1 lemon
1 grapefruit
Mint leaves
Quarter red pepper
Crumb of nuts
Salt flakes
Date-Balsamic Syrup

Remove the peels from the citrus fruits by cutting them freely all around
Then cut into slices of 4 mm thick
Drape on a plate and sprinkle with olive oil, mint leaves, rose petals, nuts, chopped red pepper and salt flakes
Place the burrata on top and garnish with Date Balsamic Syrup

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