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Lobster from Vallayer Coster

Kreeft van Vallayer Coster - Lyklema Fine Art

Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744 – 1818) was an 18th-century French painter best known for her still lifes. She achieved fame and recognition very early in her career and was admitted to the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture at the age of 26. Despite the low status that the still life had in her time, Vallayer-Coster's highly developed skills aroused quickly attracted the attention of collectors and other artists. This was especially true for the way she painted flowers, but this lobster is also world famous. Her 'precocious talent and critical acclaim' attracted attention from the royal court, where Marie Antoinette in particular became interested in her paintings. This painting must have been painted around April or May in 1781 because then, for example, the season for the Oosterschelde Lobster begins. Perhaps the tastiest lobster in the world with a sweet, salty taste that is unparalleled. The recipe for a lobster is therefore as pure as the Valleyer-Coster painting.

The best lobster recipe

1 Oosterschelde Lobster

Preparation: Place the lobster in a pan with boiling hot water and turn the heat to low. Let 5 boil, cut open from head to tail and serve immediately.
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