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Dumplings with duck from Cotan

Dumplings met eend van Cotan - Lyklema Fine Art

This still life has been carefully composed and all 'items' lie or hang exactly above an edge. Everything is lifelike, almost tangible and therefore very believable. The duck attracts attention because it appears to be hanging in front of the box. The painting hangs in the Art Institute in Chicago and was created by Cotan who was born in the La Mascha province of Spain. It inspired us to make a duck dumpling.



Cabbage dumplings with duck confit

Candied duck leg Hoisin sauce
Juice of half a lemon
1 Chinese cabbage
1 bunch of spring onions cut into rings

Remove the cabbage leaves from the cabbage and blanch so that the leaves become foldable
Mix Hosin, lemon, spring onion with the duck confit
Place ball of mixture on cabbage leaf and make it into a package
Serve with sesame seeds and Hoisin sauce

Serve on a plate like the picture above or in a wooden box like the Japanese fill their bento box for lunch. If you want to serve it as a main course, add the grilled Cotan pumpkin.
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